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Last Man Standing Allianz Leagues GAA 2018



The Last Man Standing rules are as follows:

1. There are 6 rounds

2. You can only pick a County once out of the 6 rounds.

3. The County you pick has to win. If your County draws or loses you are out.

4. Team picks must be in by midnight the day before the first match of the current round. If you do not pick a team by this stage a team will be picked for you alphabetically out of the current teams available to you.

5. At the end of the 6th round whoever is left standing splits the pot.

6. It is a $10 entrance fee. (Half goes to Toronto Gaels and half to the pot)

7. Send the entrance fee by Interac eTransfer to "torontogaels@gmail.com".

8. When you wish to send your pick send a text message to 647-671-8736 with your full name and county.

9. The spread sheet below will be updated on the day of the first match of the current round.

10. The prize will be split between a maximum of two winners . If there are more than two left standing after the last round, the top two will be those with the greatest points difference. If top two is still unclear, goals will count for more than points, then home wins, then least cards against.

11. If knocked out, players can buy back in once for another $20, up to and including for the 3rd round. Their points difference total resets to zero.




Total pot - TBC

Winners & split - TBC



Players, teams, & standings:


May the jammiest man win!!