Resources for new arrivals settling in Toronto

Contact us and we will try to assist you with finding work and providing advice to help you get set up in Toronto.

Useful Links:

ICAN - Irish Canadian Immigration Centre

Irish & New in Toronto! - Facebook

Toronto Irish Cultural Society


Rental accomodation

Most rentals in Toronto come unfurnished. We recommend checking out KijijiIrish & New in Toronto! - Facebook, or IKEA for furniture. 
(We don't recommend picking up furniture left on a curb, due to the common risk of bed bugs!).



Follow this link to find out when you qualify for coverage with OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan).


Drivers license

Your Irish (Republic & N.I.) drivers license is valid for 60 days from when you enter Canada. After this you must convert it to an Ontario Drivers License. Click HERE for full details.